Why am I running for council, you ask?

I moved to Whistler planning to stay for 3 months, 23 years ago, and I still haven’t come across a reason to leave. Not even when a ski accident broke my neck in 1996.

I’ve been here for over 2 decades but I haven’t established a company, a home or a family in this community. I pay rent, I get a pay cheque from my employer, and I shop in our local businesses.

I know there are many Whistler residents like me, and I want to ensure that we all have a voice in this town. Just because you don’t pay property taxes doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a voice. Even if you’re not eligible to vote, and even if you don’t plan on being here for more than a year, you still support our local economy, and you serve the tourists who put this town on the map.

I want to represent “the little guys and gals” who may have felt they had no say in council decisions. I believe the cogs in the machine deserve to be recognized as well as the drivers. I came to Whistler for the skiing, but I’ve stayed for the people, and I believe ALL Whistler residents should have a say.

I need you to help me help you. Please invite your friends to check out this page, and feel free to ask me questions or give suggestions. Please be sure to vote in the village on November 5th (Public Library) or 8th (Municipal Hall), or at Myrtle Philip Community School on Election Day, November 15.

If you’re not eligible to vote, you can still do your part by promoting, contributing and urging the eligible voters to vote.

Thank you!

Pete Crutchfield

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